Major Updates in the April 2024 Testnet

May 21, 2024

The latest testnet launch for the Structs game ecosystem, led by Slow Ninja studio, introduces a series of exciting updates aimed at enhancing gameplay and guild functionality. Here's a detailed overview of what the Structs community can look forward to:

Migration to Cosmos SDK 0.50.3

The testnet incorporates the latest version of the Cosmos SDK, improving development efficiency by reducing boilerplate code and enhancing features such as the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) framework. This upgrade aims to support a more seamless integration of external marketplaces and the movement of both resources and game objects across the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

Enhanced Guild System

Guild management has seen substantial improvements, particularly in how guilds manage memberships and onboarding new players. The updated system introduces new mechanisms for players to join guilds, either through direct invitations, join requests approved by the guild, or through a proxy system that allows tokenless onboarding. This flexibility is designed to accommodate various guild structures and growth strategies.

Permission System Overhaul

A unified permission system has been implemented across the Structs chain, simplifying interactions and ensuring a more secure environment for players. This system enhances the game's infrastructure by enabling fine-grained control over what actions can be taken by automated systems or other players, thus preventing unauthorized access or misuse of resources.

Dynamic Allocations and Energy Management

The testnet introduces changes to how energy allocations are managed within the game, allowing for dynamic and automated adjustments. This update simplifies the management of energy resources, crucial for powering player operations and enhancing the overall efficiency of gameplay.

Database and Event System Enhancements

Significant improvements have been made to the database systems to ensure consistency with the chain state, which is critical for maintaining a seamless and real-time gaming experience. The enhancements to the event system allow for better tracking and integration of game actions into the database, facilitating a more responsive and engaging environment for players.

Looking Forward

The April 2024 testnet release marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Structs game. It not only enhances the technical foundation of the game but also enriches the community engagement by enabling more robust and flexible guild operations. As the testnet progresses, feedback from the community will be crucial in refining these features and preparing for a more stable and exciting game launch.

The Structs community is encouraged to participate actively in this testnet phase to explore the new features and contribute to the game's development through feedback and creative engagement. This is an exciting time for all players and guilds in the Structs ecosystem as we build towards a game that is not only fun but also deeply integrated with community-driven governance and innovation.