structstestnet-97: Bug Fixes & Polishing

June 3, 2024

Our latest release, structstestnet-97, marks another significant step forward for the Structs game ecosystem. Building on the feedback and discoveries from structstestnet-88, this new iteration introduces critical bug fixes and improvements that enhance the gameplay experience and system stability. Here's a detailed look at what's been addressed and what testers can expect.

Major Bug Fixes

Permission System Bug

One of the critical bugs identified by the community, notably by Cisphyx, was an issue in the permission system. The bug caused the Boolean check to fail during the application of new permissions to accounts, leading to significant operational disruptions. This has now been corrected, ensuring that permissions are accurately applied and managed.

Power Grid Allocation Issue

Another substantial bug involved the power grid system; new allocations were not correctly applied to substations, affecting the energy distribution to connected players. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that energy resources are dynamically and accurately allocated, thus maintaining the game's operational integrity.

Minor Improvements

Address Registration Process

The address registration process faced issues requiring a back-and-forth transaction approval, which was problematic if the new account lacked the necessary Alpha for transactions. This process has been overhauled to mirror the guild join proxy system, allowing new addresses to sign offline messages and streamline registration without requiring Alpha, making it smoother and more efficient.

Binary Data Handling

Both the Guild join process and address registration initially handled binary data inefficiently. By hex encoding these binary details, the process is now more user-friendly, facilitating easier data handling and debugging.

CLI Argument Improvements

Various command-line interface (CLI) arguments lacked proper definitions and help text, making them less user-friendly. These have been refined, with clear documentation and support for both inline arguments and parameter flags, enhancing overall usability.

Future Developments

Struct Stack Implementation

The Struct stack, a crucial layer for improving interaction with the Struct system, will start to take shape as players engage with structstestnet-97. This stack aims to enhance speed and reliability, making it easier for Guilds to manage their activities and for new players to join and interact within the ecosystem.

Struct Units and Battle Mechanics

The upcoming development focus includes the implementation of the battle mechanics and collection of battle-ready Struct units. The current testnet features a limited number of Structs, primarily focused on the energy grid, but the next major release will introduce the complete set of Structs available in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This addition will enable more complex and engaging battle mechanics, like those experienced in the Structs Battle Mechanics Demo—but now in the online experience.

As Guilds begin to form and develop their player bases, the community will be able to engage in more dynamic and strategic gameplay, building towards a richer and more competitive environment.

Community Engagement

With the launch of structstestnet-97, there are now 14 validators participating, a mix of player validators and traditional Cosmos validators. This blend ensures both stability and dynamic exploration of the game's features. The involvement of both communities is crucial for testing and refining the ecosystem, and we are grateful for all your support!

structstestnet-97 represents another significant advancement in the Structs game ecosystem, addressing critical bugs and laying the foundation for our massive multiplayer decentralized strategy experience. Stay tuned for more updates and continue to explore the evolving world of Structs. Your contributions and creativity are what make this journey exciting and successful.