Structs in 2023: A Year of Breakthroughs

January 11, 2024

As we kick off 2024, it's time to celebrate the incredible strides made by the Structs team in the past year. It's been a period of relentless innovation, community collaboration, and strategic development. Also, we're making a game. Here's a look at the key achievements that have defined our journey this year.

Advancing Battle Mechanics through Community Engagement

One of our most exciting achievements was the extensive testing and refinement of our battle mechanics. Using a community-driven approach, we convinced actual human beings to participate in a series of PVP tournament battles that allowed us to gather real-time feedback and insights. This collaborative process enabled us to iterate and perfect our battle mechanics, the core gameplay that will drive the larger Structs experience. Our community's engagement and feedback were instrumental in shaping a combat system that is not only dynamic and challenging but also deeply rewarding.

We promise that, unlike our tournament players, you will not have to dictate your moves to our CEO over Discord in order to play.

Elevating the Economic Layer of Structs

This year marked a significant advancement in the economic layer of Structs. We delved deep into designing an economy that is both robust and engaging, and that we hope will add a rich layer of strategy and interactivity to the gaming experience. Our focus was to create an economic system that is intuitive yet complex, offering players multiple avenues to engage and benefit within the Structs universe.

Probably not the last update to this you'll ever see.

Designing a Game for Humans, by Robots—er, Humans

For those that have been following Structs since the days of our original proof of concept, you probably noticed that in 2023 we managed to get some paint on the walls. Exposed masonry has its charm, but nothing lasts forever.

The Core Gameplay Experience

If you watched our 1X Tournament or played last year's Combat Demo yourself, we'd forgive you for walking away wondering how Structs would actually look and feel as a more complete game. Since then, we've been leveraging your feedback to shape the gameplay experience—designing an exciting interface that puts you in command of the battlefield with an array of combat machines at your disposal. Here you can catch a glimpse of how a combat sequence in a battle for a planet's resources might play out.

Structs Interface Prototype - Not Actual Gameplay

Taking Control of Your Fleet and Resources

Meanwhile, we've also been diving into the various systems that allow players to find opponents, manage their resources, and understand the universe and concepts of the game. Structs has strategic, tactical, economic and social layers—our focus has been to ensure the tools used to to navigate these layers are informative, intuitive, and indispensable.

Structs Interface Prototype showing key information about the player's base and fleet.

Our efforts this year have set a solid foundation for Structs, ensuring that the game is not only engaging but also accessible to players of various experience levels. This is just the beginning: we look forward to getting the next iteration of Structs into the hands of our players and continuing to evolve and improve the gameplay experience with your ongoing feedback.

Screenshot of a page in the guilds administration interface prototype.
Guild Administration Interface Prototype

Advanced Tools for Guild Leaders

We’ve also been hard at work designing the environment guild operators will need to administrate their guilds, and the resources and players within them. Guilds are an essential part of the Structs experience, and this platform will provide administrators with powerful tools to manage their communities effectively, fostering a more organized and engaging community experience.

Deploying Test Environments for the Structs Network

A pivotal part of our progress this year was deploying test environments for the Structs network. This critical phase was aimed at testing our game's economic principles, preparing the infrastructure layer, and laying the groundwork for the initial genesis guilds.

We were ecstatic to see participation with both player-run servers and experienced validators from around the Cosmos ecosystem.

Player-Run Servers: Empowering Community Involvement

Player-run servers are not just about decentralization; they're about empowering our community to shape their own gaming experience. This initiative has enabled us to test the game's scalability and performance under diverse conditions, ensuring that Structs remains stable and responsive regardless of the server environment.

Experienced Validators: Ensuring Stability and Security

Alongside player-run servers, we were excited to see interest and participation from traditional validator businesses as well. We’re grateful for the stability they can bring our network—but even more so, it is their experience that has been truly a blessing as we work to fine-tune the Structs consensus layer for our eventual production launch.

Logos of validators participating in the Structs test network.
Some of the validators participating in our test network.

Balancing Innovation with Reliability

The approach that welcomes both player-run servers and more experienced validators represents our commitment to balancing innovation with reliability. It allows us to explore new frontiers in gaming technology while ensuring that the game's fundamental systems are robust and dependable.

As we look forward to the official launch, these test environments have been instrumental in preparing Structs for a successful and stable release. They signify our dedication to creating a game that is not only technologically advanced but also community-centric and secure.

Looking Forward

As we look towards 2024, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. With a focus on continuous innovation, deeper community engagement, and expanding our game's horizons, we are committed to making Structs a continually evolving and captivating world.

Thank you to our incredible community for being part of this journey in 2023. Here's to another year of adventure, growth, and endless fun in the world of Structs! 🚀🎮